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Construction Safety Course Trends

By March 28, 2019 April 10th, 2019 No Comments

50 years ago, training courses were underutilized, most training was at the workplace. Further education and training courses have been on the rise for many years, and its obvious to see why. Not only can they further your career, make more money, take on more responsibility, they provide you with an opportunity to learn and further yourself. But whats the trend? When did they become popular and are they becoming more popular.

Here are two courses side by side. Here we are comparing two courses for site management and safety. Both courses focus on training construction workers to become project managers, construction managers and teach safety in the workplace. As you can see, both are as popular as they have ever been.

SMSTS and SSSTS are similar courses but the SMSTS course goes into much deeper detail as it is designed for managers to be able to implement safety systems within the workplace; whereas the SSSTS is designed to give supervisors the skills needed to ensure compliance with these systems. both courses are valid for 5 years before a top up course would be required to keep the qualification.

Lets take a closer look at one course, the SSSTS, Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme.

The Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme course is intended for those who have, or are about to become, supervisors. It provides people already in supervisory roles with an understanding of health and safety, welfare and environmental issues, as well as teaching legal responsibilities which are relevant to their work activities on construction sites.

You can find this course here. This course seems to be growing in popularity more then Site Management Safety Training Scheme. With over 3600 people searching per month.

So we have established that these courses are popular. But can we find other courses which have a different trend?

So it looks like people are searching less and less for training courses. This could be because people are now more aware of what courses they can take, and have to do less research. Which admittedly is less than likely. Or more likely employers are now encouraging employees to take specific courses to better their career. Providing guidance to their employees and advising which courses could be good for their career. This is a great step in personal improvement in the workplace and a good trend we hope to see continue.

Have you been involved in any of these training schemes? Was it provided by your work, or did you have to pay for it. We are curious to see how much employers are looking to improve their employees.


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