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Future Business Ideas Worth Investing In this 2020

By December 9, 2019 No Comments

With unlimited possibilities for the future of businesses, many new business ideas have started coming out that you may not have thought was even possible. This is an exploration of some of the best business ideas worth investing in rather than just the saturated cryptocurrency market. 

3D Printing Shops

Since 3D printers have come around, the idea of being able to print practically anything at a low cost has become a possibility. And when I say anything, I mean it: from housing objects, prosthetic bones, and even tools have all been possible even at a lower cost than the original versions. The only negative to 3D printing would be the long process of going through factories. It has been predicted that 3D printing will hold all major printing for household products to make life easier and cheaper.


Stem Cell Shops/Pharmacy

The idea of being able to regenerate and heal using stem cells is incredible. Not only is it a great idea but the possibility of using stem cells in general medicine is only a few years away, moving away from traditional, western healing medication. Stem cells will be able to help with diseases and surgical recovery. Soon hospitals will be filled with stem cells instead of medication as a more natural way of healing. 


Tissue Regeneration and Prosthetics

In collaboration with Stem Cells and 3D Printing, manufacturing body parts might become possible sooner than you think. Companies have already begun this type of work such as healing tendons by using tissue belonging to other tendons that regenerates itself. This idea of growing your own body part from the help of another existing part is what drives many other people to start investing in this industry. 


Bottled Air

As ridiculous as it might sound, bottled air is actually a great idea to invest in due to the rise of pollution in the air from deforestation and global warming. Similar to bottled water – generating over $10 billion a year, you will soon see the same situation with bottled air. In countries like China with extremely polluted air, clean air can be supplied to hotel rooms and other buildings for tourists who cannot handle the low amount of breathable air.

There are companies that already supply such a thing even since the 90s. Companies have a target of supplying air to athletes in carriers in order to boost their oxygen intake and the oxygen in their blood to make them perform better.


Asteroid Mining

Every resource we have on earth is limited however there is an infinite amount of materials in space that can be used and is very much needed. Objects in space can be found and brought back to Earth, and the value of these rare materials and metals will become pivotal in the growth of our economy. There will be a vast amount of money to be made from this and that’s why it’s such a great idea to invest in.


There are plenty of ideas worth investing in and it doesn’t just stop here, there are plenty more ideas worth investing in and can be found and applied easily through investment companies.


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