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Niche Ideas for 2019 #3 – Light Phones

By March 26, 2019 No Comments

Welcome back, I’ve found a gem in this post. Light Phones…. So what are light phones? They’re phones that only do two things, calls and texts.

Todays society are being mentally drained by smart phones. We’re all glued to our screens.

Answer this, can you sit through a meal without checking your smartphone once? or can you enjoy a train journey to work without using your phone?

My phone screen time average was 3 hours and 49 minutes a day last week. Thats CRAZY. Are you on your phone too much?

We’re all missing out on essential bonding time with our friends and families.

We’re actually missing out on all the tastes from our meals due to sensory deprivation caused by phones… because our focus is on multiple things.

So how do we get around this?

Use phones that do two things:-

  1. Text
  2. Phone

And nothing else.

So as niche hunters, how viable is this market?

Pretty clear right?

Is someone else doing it?

Yeah, and they’re doing it well.

Look at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/light-phone-2#/ hey you might even buy one.

But its fine, there is still room to capitalise on this. So don’t let it dishearten you. This product really really excites me.

Sourcing a phone that does this will probably be pretty cheap.

The volume is pretty big for this term, oh and in case you’re thinking “have they trademarked the term”, nope, they’ve not!


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